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Places Where Angels Go Down from Earth for Peoples - Get Publish
Dec 26, 2020
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Places Where Angels Go Down from Earth for Peoples

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Angels are creatures of Allah that are not allowed to commit sins by their own

Angels are the creatures of Allah that are not allowed to commit sins by their own and are created with “Noor”. They are the respected creatures and only worship Allah. They do not enter the places where there is garbage and impurity.

They go down when people make certain kinds of worships. When Muslims go to perform Hajj and Umrah, angels go down from earth and get involved in worship. Perform Umrah by booking cheap Umrah packages to the House of Allah to involve angels in your worship.

Gatherings of people where angels get involved:

People gather at different places to worship Allah and perform His Zikr. Following are the places where angels come down to earth and get involved in the gatherings of people.

• Education and learning:

Education has great importance in the lives of Muslims. The first revelation upon Prophet Muhammad was about education. Angels come down to the earth and involve in the group of people that is busy in learning and education. Angels like education because they perform every act by the order of Allah.

• Place of recitation of Holy Quran:

Angels like purity and they come down to earth when there is recitation of Holy Quran. They listen to the recitation of Holy Quran because it is the book of Allah Almighty. They like to listen to the recitation carefully and they run away from the places where people are fighting.

• At the time of Salah:

Salah is the best worship that brings Muslims close to Allah and it is offered five times a day. Muslims are in the state of purity when they offer Namaz. At that time angels come down and pray for those who offer prayer on time. Therefore, prayer is recommended to offer on time.

• During Dua:

Angels also come down at the time when someone makes Dua to Allah. At the time of Dua, Muslim is in the state of purity and angels say Ameen for his Dua. Angels also get involved in the Dua and worship of Muslims.

• At the time of visit to patients:

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to visit the Muslim patient. Visiting the patient is a great deed and visitor gets greater reward for this act. Allah sends angels to the earth who pray for the visitor who goes to meet patient. Giving gifts and fruits to patients is the good act and Allah blesses those visitors who acts upon the Sunnah of Holy Prophet.

• At the time when someone shows patience:

Angels also come down to the earth for a person who shows patience. They abuse the person who fights and they defend the person who shows patience. Angels do not like fighting. They always come in the favor of one who shows patience.

• For Tawaf of Kabah:

Angels come down to the earth to perform Tawaf of Kabah. Every day a new batch of 70,000 angels comes down to the earth and performs Tawaf of Kabah.

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