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Catering to every corner of Rajasthan through Padharo vehicle rental services
Jun 4, 2020
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Catering to every corner of Rajasthan through Padharo vehicle rental services

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Padharo vehicle rental services

Padharo vehicle rental services

Vehicle rental services have been popular for quite some time now but the current pandemic and the concurrent lockdown of 68 days has made Padharo vehicle rental services inevitable for many.

Car rentals, taxi rentals and bike rentals have proved to be the lifeline for many.

Whether you go on a business trip, inter-city travel or medical tour we provide vehicles of all types. Apart from offering more affordable services, we have updated our services to be safer and better.

We serve in multi-cities of Rajasthan and have an easy and user-friendly platform. So just download, install and book vehicles at the most pocket-friendly rates.Traveling becomes a hassle-free experience for you

Here is a glimpse of every vehicle on rent

Self – drive car rentals

We have upgraded our self-drive vehicle rental services by providing well-maintained and sanitized car rentals. Every car rental has a self-drive car license and has a black number plate with yellow engraving. That means apart from driving license and your original Aadhar card you require nothing. Search, compare and book on the Padharo marketplace and that’s it.

We provide all types of cars ranging from the budget options like a hatchback to luxury cars like Sedan and SUV. Just choose your budget and we are ready to serve you for all destinations inside and outside Rajasthan.

Taxi rental services

Our taxi rentals have been popular with the travelers and to continue giving good services we have upgraded our services with the Post –COVID protocol whereby the chauffeur accompanying you follows a set of guidelines which includes apart from many things that he has to wear a mask and gloves before he drives the taxi for you. We are giving doorstep pick and drop services free of cost to enable you to maintain social distancing norms.

If you require more boot space or leg space or you just seek a spacious car, we can meet all your vehicle rental-related requirements precisely in a cost-effective budget.

Bike rental services

Contrary to other vehicle rental services bike rentals are available for days, weekly rentals and monthly rentals. The halting of public transport has affected the mobility of many. To solve this issue of many and to cater to our travelers we are providing all types of bikes including cruise bikes and bullets.

So when all the maintenance and paper-work is handled by us, you can enjoy your ride without actually investing money on buying a bike.

Some of our services like sightseeing and tour packages are temporarily unavailable due to the contagion but we are still catering to vehicle rentals, the room stays and taxi rentals for all cities of Rajasthan.

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