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Food delivery software and its features - Get Publish
Jun 13, 2020
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Food delivery software and its features

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What is food delivery software and what are the features of the food delivery software?

Since the rise of the modern system in the food delivery industry, many changes had influenced the industry which has simplified the delivery process. And had increased the revenue in the pockets of the restaurant owners.

How do food delivery software works? The food delivery software acts as an intermediary between the restaurant owners and the end customers. At first the customer places an order which is notified to the peculiar restaurant, then the role of delivery is assigned to a driver in the nearest location in this way the delivery is made.

For the past six months the whole globe has been facing the corona pandemic, during this time the demand for food delivery as well as the food delivery software as been rising drastically. Most of the restaurants started investing their monetary fund in purchasing a perfect food delivery system.

In the presence of huge giants like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber in the food dispatching industry. How does our software vary from them? Our software focuses on profiting all the three parties involved in dispatching food that is the owner of the hotel, the person who delivers the food and the end customer who had ordered for the food.

In this I have mentioned the features that ensure the profitability of all the three parties.

Multiple payment gateway
The software has been integrated with multiple payment gateways so that the customer could order the food using the Popular payment gateways like google pay, Paytm, Phonepay etc.

They could also use their banks net banking facility to order food from restaurants. While they order food using online payment methods they could get more offers.

Live GPS Tracking
Making the customer to wait after ordering the food leads to cancellation of orders and the restaurant tend to lose a valuable customer.

To eliminate this we have integrated our software with live tracking system through which the customers could track the driver who had dispatched the order from the restaurant. They could track the orders using their mobile as well as the web application that is provided along with the software.

Multiple language integration
The major difficulty that arises during expansion of business is to match the language of the locals. Once you are able to do this tedious work than you could cover a huge customer group.

Taking this into our concern, we have developed a perfect solution. Our food dispatching software is designed to be customer friendly and it supports multiple languages. You could also add languages as per your requirement.

Google Map Integration
We have provided the software with the google map. So, that the customer could easily notify their location to the restaurant and the drivers who dispatch their orders.

The customers could add their money to their E-Wallet and pay from their wallet. While they pay with their Wallet they could avail of many offers and discounts provided by the restaurant.

Bulk Email Option
The restaurant can send email regarding their new offers and discounts, they could also send offers about their upcoming delicacies to their loyal customers who had placed several orders in their restaurants.

This also acts as a marketing tool for them to attract more customers.

Social media sign in
The social media sign in allows you to see the rating that has been provided by your friends to a particular hotel and also see the rating that has been given to a particular delicacy in that hotel.

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