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Apr 13, 2020
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Study in Netherlands

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What are the Benefits of study in Netherlands

Moving abroad for higher studies is the biggest challenge to be faced by many Indian students. New environment, culture, language, expense etc makes them rethink on their decision to study abroad. If you are confused with plenty of choices “Study in Netherlands” would be the best option. Reasons for choosing Netherlands as your study destination are more. “why to study in Netherlands?”.

Why study in Netherlands:

Affordable fees when compared to other countries:

Study abroad is always considered to be very expensive. There is a vast difference in the expense when compared with other English speaking countries like UK and US. The fee in Netherland universities are subsidized by the government. Moreover the tuition fees are very affordable for international students. The fees vary according to the institution chosen by the students. Approximate fee value is €6,000 for non European students.

Students from other countries have the facility to take up part time jobs while studying. In addition to that there are many scholarship programs for international students to support their financial status.

Advanced teaching methods:

Universities and educational institutions in Netherlands are famous for their innovative teaching methods. Their advanced method of teaching helps the students to cope up with advancement in technology.

Professors in Netherlands universities maintain a very good relationship with students which make them more comfortable to study. The teaching method emphasizes more on team work, practical classes and much more.

Experience a multicultural environment:

Apart from studies students from foreign countries have many reasons to enjoy in Netherlands. Canals, lakes, beaches along with wonderful climatic condition make the stay in Netherlands more enjoyable.

Every year students from more than 150 different countries board their flights to Netherlands for educational purpose. International student association in Netherlands universities helps international students to be comfortable in foreign land. More than half the population in Netherlands speaks English which is the other factor making the life of international students much easier in Netherlands.

Affordable living cost:

Cost of living is the major question that holds Indian students to say “Yes” for study abroad. When it comes to Netherlands, the cost of living is more affordable than other European countries. The average amounts to be spend per month ranges from €800 to €1,000. This amount could be easily managed by an international student by doing part time jobs.

It demands a very good research for finding the best accommodation at reasonable price in Netherlands. Start your hunt for reasonable accommodation much earlier to avoid last minute tension.

Most of the restaurants, cinemas and bars in Netherland offer discounts for students. To enjoy more benefits as a student in Netherlands, check for ISIC student card.

Wide range of degrees to choose:

Netherlands is a non-English speaking country. The government of Netherlands has taken tremendous effort to give higher education in English especially to welcome international students to their country. Around 2000 courses are taught in English in Netherlands universities and educational institution. Moreover they offer variety of courses for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, diploma and PhD.

A sound knowledge in English is mandatory to study in Netherlands. TOEFL, IELTS and another English language test should be faced by international students to prove their proficiency in English. Each university prefers certificate from different English language test. So it is advisable to go for a research on the university chosen by you. Have a complete knowledge on the certificate they demand to test your language skills.

Having basic knowledge on Dutch language will make your stay in Netherlands more peaceful. Knowing Dutch will help you maintain a good relationship with Netherlands people. You can easily approach people for any kind of help without any hesitation.

Globally recognized courses:

Netherlands is well known for its advanced teaching methods. Research conducted at Netherlands universities is given priority globally. Either it could be a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or diploma, doing it in reputed Netherlands universities will be a life changing moment.

Netherlands, best place to move around:

Netherlands is the gateway to Europe. Most of the European cities can be reached by train from Netherlands. Being a student you can avail OV-cipkaart. This gives you easy access to public transportation at very minimal cost. Exploring your dream destination at very minimum cost is bliss. Study in Netherlands not only gives you globally recognized degree but also a peaceful life.

UNIK, the best study abroad consultant:

UNIK is successfully developing its business with its wonderful service for students willing to study abroad. The options are not limited to few countries. Whatever be the country you wish to study, UNIK will be ready to serve you better to change your life. Being with UNIK is the first stepping stone to lead a successful and pleasant life.

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