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10 exam tips to clear government exams 2020 - Get Publish
Aug 2, 2020
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10 exam tips to clear government exams 2020

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Clear government exams 2020: India, with a population of over 135 crore people sees around 30 lac students graduating every year.

A lot of these students coming from different backgrounds wish to get selected in government jobs therefore the competition today is no piece of cake for a person to take successfully.

Today, you’ll be learning some useful tips that you must apply before appearing for a government exam. Before getting started, always do remember that neither there is any magic potion in the world to clear any exam nor any thumb rule that will grant you success.

You will have to attempt with all your strength and some useful tips and suggestions. Let’s get started-

  1. Know what you’re getting into- Before you learn how to start and when to start, you must know what you’re preparing for. When you’re studying or done studying, you need to decide what kind of job and profile suits you and accordingly you should prepare for such jobs only. Never be such a person who applies for any job any profile and ends up getting nothing. So make up your mind and let the battle begin!
  1. Be an early bird- The time doesn’t favor those people who keep sleeping while they have time and then wake up suddenly someday. In a tough competition like today’s you need to start early than the others. Make up your mind if you’re still studying and if you are someone who has already missed the opportunity of being an early bird, you need to manage you remaining time so effectively.
  1. Choice of study material- Whenever you’re preparing for a subject, use any ‘one’ book as your base book to clear your concepts. Never lay down your hands on hundredths of books that you cannot revise again and again.
  1. Take suggestions but don’t copy– We see a lot of aspirants following toppers and speakers to make their strategy. It is good to learn from others but you should never copy their way of preparation. Every person is different and all have different capacity to learn, someone’s strategy can never be your strategy. Always make your own study plan and write your answers in your own style.
  1. Be a tech-savvy- The technology today offers a lot more than one can digest therefore apart from offline sources; always make use of online sources that are available over the web. Go through the latest information offered by many online learning websites.
  1. Never miss current affairs- The concept of asking questions from current affairs has emerged over the past few years in almost every exam. Always be updated and do not miss any important event. You may use newspapers, magazines and online websites for you current affairs preparation.
  1. Always go in depth of subject- This step is very crucial in terms of selection. You must have in-depth knowledge of your subjects and should know how and when to apply this knowledge. Make notes of what you learn and keep revising it time to time.
  1. Solve past year papers- Do not; I repeat do not appear for any examination without solving past year papers. It helps you to know that how well you know the subject, it helps in time management and more importantly, some questions are repeated every year. So always give mocks and solve previous papers.
  1. Be consistent- If you study 14 hours for one day, and then do not study for upcoming 2-3 days or study less, stop this immediately. Keep a consistency, even if you give 2 hours a day, give those 2 hours everyday.
  1. Stay fit mentally and physically- This is something that nobody generally talks about, but as the time runs, you need to stay healthy, both with your mind and your body. Focus on your mental health, because if you’re not fit you cannot perform well in any examination.

            Hope this helps. All the best!

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