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LAKSI Carts Custom carts for all industries - Get Publish
Aug 2, 2020
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LAKSI Carts Custom carts for all industries

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Custom carts for all industries

LAKSI  carts is a company founded in 2002 with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing industry.

LAKSI is a company that strives to meet and exceed customers’ needs. Our experiences in this industry have helped us adapt to the changing and revolutionizing needs of customers so we are sure you will find a cart that does the hard work for you at a minimal cost.

 Some of the adaptive ways we have found to adjust to the different kinds of carts needed in various industries are custom carts. Custom carts are carts that are specifically designed by our machinists to help you.

Custom carts can help you when you need a cart that moves different sized metal parts that are heavy or easily damageable.

The benefit of these carts is that you can give specific dimensions to ensure a close fit and we design it and have it given to you in a week.

 Custom carts are much more different from the classic tool carts because we accommodate to your dimensions so you can safely transport your materials from one place to another.

Our carts can be made to carry one part or multiple parts safely and efficiently.

We have sturdy plastic placements made out of various plastics like nylon and molecular polyurethane to the edges of the carts to ensure there is no metal to metal contact or parts falling out of the cart during movement.

 Custom carts can help with various industries such as the tooling, automotive, and especially the aerospace industry.

We have worked with several aerospace companies and have found that there are parts made out of expensive and particularly sensitive metals like titanium that use a crane system to transport which is very time-consuming.

Our Aerospace carts have reduced transport time of aircraft parts by up to 50% because the strenuous part is only loading it into the cart and then it is easily transportable to a completely different area more quickly than traditional forklift or crane methods.

Laksi Carts Inc. is a local Canadian business in Ontario with over a decade of expertise in the cart making business.

We are an aspiring company that has adapted to the changing demands of our customers so Laksi is sure that there will be a cart that suits your needs. Laksi has an extensive range of carts from our custom carts that will be tailored to your needs to our durable CNC tool carts.

If your company is situated in Canada or the USA, we offer a 2-day delivery right to your doorstep. Our carts have helped in various industries like aerospace, tool and die, restaurant, and domestic industries.

Ashley James is a Marketing engineer at laksi Carts Inc.

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1290 Speers road, #14 ,Oakville, Ontario,

Canada L6L 2X4

Office : 905 465 7025

Fax : 905 827 4057

Toll free : 1-800-813-0537

Email :

Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Laksi 

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