1.       Reboot

A simple reboot will troubleshoot any issue you might be having with Netgear connection. Simply turn the Netgear extender and then plug it back on after a few minutes. After it restarts, you can again attempt the Netgear extender setup process from the beginning.

2.       Can’t connect to routerlogin.net

If you are having issues accessing the Netgear extender setup page routerlogin.net then perhaps you were not connected to the extender network. Make sure that your device is connected to the extender’s wireless network instead of the router because if not, then you will get an error accessing the setup page.

Try these solutions to troubleshoot this issue:

·         Restart your Netgear extender and connect with the Netgear extender wireless network. Now try to access routerlogin.net from your web browser

·         If you still can’t access routelogin.net then you should try switching browsers. Open another browser and try to access routerlogin.net

·         If this still does not work try accessing routerlogin.net from another device.

·         If all the above methods don’t work the you should use the default IP address to access the extender setup page.

3.       Forgot extender password

To connect to the extender, you should use the same password as your wifi network. However, if you are trying to login to routerlogin.net setup page and can’t remember the password then you should probably try login using the default login username admin and default password as password. If there is an incorrect password error then first you need to reset the extender and then you can use the default password for login.

4.       Reset extender

In case all the other methods have failed to troubleshoot your extender setup issue then the last option is to reset the Netgear extender.

The extender should have a reset button on it. All you have to do is press and hold this button for a few seconds until the reset starts. Let the reset finish and the extender will reboot automatically. Now wait for the LED lights on the extender to become solid bright.

Once reset is complete, you can start the setup process. This time you should not face any issues if you follow the setup process properly.

But in case, you still have problems setting up your Netgear extender, please contact our Netgear support helpline for more troubleshooting solutions.