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Get Online Nidhi Company Registration Procedure at Affordable Price - Get Publish
Sep 3, 2020
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Get Online Nidhi Company Registration Procedure at Affordable Price

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Nidhi Company Registration Consultant

Online Nidhi Company Registration Procedure: Entrepreneurs and business owners have a certain kind of spirit that keeps pushing them forward.

If you’re a small business owner on the forefront of the financial industry, then the right option to start business as Nidhi Company is one of the best compilations of business.

These companies are not entitled to carry on the business of Financing Purchase, Insurance, mutual Funds and Acquisition of securities or Issue of any Debt Instruments.

While informal meet ups are great for regular small business advice sessions, nidhi company are ideal for structured sessions of business.

Some come at a cost, but many are worth the price tag for the company registration opportunities as well as the valuable insights from industry. The core business activity of a nidhi company is to borrow and lend money to its members only.

A nidhi company can take deposits from its members and offer money to them. Our professionals offer the best services in cost-effective nidhi company registration fees.

What are the minimum needs to register a Nidhi Company?

  • Maximum 15 and minimum 3 directors are allowed.
  • Minimum of 7 shareholders
  • There is no need of minimum capital (Before it was Rs 5,00,000)
  • The aim of the company includes growing the habit of saving among its members

In nature, NIdhi Company can be treated like Public Limited Company. They need to follow two set of guidelines – One for Public Limited Company  and other is Nidhi Company.

Within one year of its incorporation, 200 members are required. It’s critical to the companies existence. Find best nidhi company registration consultant in India to help grow the business.

Procedure of Nidhi Company Registration

  • At least 3 directors and 7 members are needed
  • Digital Signature is a fundamental need for initiating the registration
  • Nidhi Company must be unique and should not match any other registered companies
  • After digital signature and name approval, we will draft all the directors’ and shareholders’ declarations sheets for their acceptance.
  • The application should accompany Memorandum of Association (MoA) and (AoA) of Nidhi Company.
  • PAN and TAN applications will be done with Nidhi Company Registration.

A Nidhi Company takes deposits from its members and uses these deposits for lending money to its members. The fundamental aim is to safeguard the members and prevent the mistreatment of the money lenders who charge high rates of interest.

We are aware of nidhi company registration online procedure to make the registration process in fastest way. It Completely online service, no physical presence required. Register a nidhi company in just 14,900/- inclusive of all taxes.

According to Rule 6 of Nidhi Rules, 2014, these companies are having a number of restrictions. This type of company cannot involve in the following activities:

Issuing preference shares, debentures or any other debt related instrument in any type or name

Carrying the business of chit fund, leasing finance, hire purchase finance, acquisition of securities or insurance issued by any corporate unit

Acquiring another company by purchasing securities or managing the composition of the Board of Directors of any other company in any manner for any change in its management except a special resolution has been passed in the general meeting and got the previous authorization from the regional director who is having jurisdiction over Nidhi.

Opening current account with members

Accepting deposits or lending money to any individual except its members

Carrying on any other business excepting borrowing or lending in its own name, on condition that all the provisions of the rules are followed, may offer locker facilities on rental basis to its members depending on the rental income from such features not more than 20% of the gross income of the company at any time in a financial year.

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