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Al Jawda Fibre Glass Products IND - Get Publish
Nov 27, 2020
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Al Jawda Fibre Glass Products IND

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Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries the prominent fiber glass products manufacturing company in UAE.

Al Jawda Fibre Glass Products IND: In the automotive sector, silencers, as well as reducing noise, also serve to remove hot combustion gases and can significantly affect engine performance.

Due to the very hot exhaust gases, filler is made from heat-resistant fibre glass. Special kinds of this material are designed for temperatures of over 1,000°C and thus ideal for use in hot exhaust systems.

In this case the material can be processed with several techniques and here laser technology plays an important role. The advantage of cutting with laser is many. Such as
• No wear to the cutting tools or blades.
• Smooth cutting edges and no scrimmage
• Accuracy in cutting edges and can repeat often
• No falsification

Jigsaws or saws are also used for cutting the fibre glass panels. Fibre glass is hard and it can quickly dull any kind of blades. Depending on your project and your tools at hand, some fiberglass-cutting methods may provide better, safer results.

Check out the guide below to see which cutting tool will work best for you. A router, fibre glass power trimmer, circular saw, hacksaw are some of the other tools which can be sued to cut the fibre glass based on your requirement.

Why GRP Composites?
GRP composites have Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and it is highly suggestible for hard water and chemical environment while compared with traditional materials like steel, wood or Aluminum. GRP is light weight and is 80% lighter than steel and approximately 30%lighter than Aluminum.

Proper earthing is required for steel Aluminum and Timber products as it conducts electricity where for GRP composite material earthing is not required.

Fiber Glass products have no permanent deformity under impact and a design may last over 40-50 years maintenance free. If you go for a material where you find the cost of material is low, the regular maintenance will be needed and it increases the expenditure. Also the life cycle cost will be higher.

It is always advisable to Opt for GRP components bases designs where the installation charges will be nominal, easy to handle and high productivity with lower life cycle cost.

GRP cased products are Transparent to EMI/RFI transmissions but steel Aluminum based products It interferes with EMI/RFI transmissions. When we consider the point Aesthetics there is no requirement for repainting as the composite color will be throughout the parts and it automatically blocks corrosion.

GP and GRE pipes can be used in variety such as :- desalination, water treatment, water distribution networks, water used for firefighting, chemical process plants, drinking water, hot and cold water, wastewater/sewage, Municipal waste, liquefies petroleum gas.

Why Al Jawda?
Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries LLC is one of the prominent fiber glass products manufacturing company in UAE. Their GRP products include GRP panel Cylindrical and horizontal water tanks, Plastic septic tanks, chemical tanks, bath Tubs, Shower trays, Car Sheds, AC trays, Canopies, Decorative items, Traditional decorative items (Della, Fanjan, Mebhkar, Camel) Concentrate Tank lamination, Panel Tank lamination, MS tank lamination, Boat and ship Works, Plastic Tanks etc.

They are experts in making any fiber glass product as per the specifications. Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries LLC the GRP panel water Tank Supplier in UAE ensures that GRP product maintains high strength to weight Ratio and is stronger than other metallic products which maintain weight to weight Ratio.

In the company you can locate variety of designs of plastic septic tanks and chemical tanks for sale, suitable for your convenient and available space.
The Speciality features of Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries LLC are:-
Production – The experts in this field of fible gass products with an experience of 20 years who have competed large number of projects all over UAE. The speciality of this company is that, they are capable to manufacture any type of design or shape with fiber glass.

Supervising – Well trained in the field with an experience of 18 plus years .All the products are inspected and rectified thoroughly by the team before delivery as quality is their Moto.

Expert technician – All the technicians are well trained and with good experience who are capable doing any kind of work with fibre glass.
Major product they dealt with, are as follows-
1. GRP panel Cylindrical and horizontal water tanks (35000) US gallon capacity
2. Fuel tank
3. Chemical tank
4. Septic tank
5. Car parking Shed (Different model)
6. Bath Tub (Fibre Glass and Acrylic)
7. Shower trays (Fibre Glass and Acrylic)
8. Ice box, chiller cabins, Canopies, AC trays , Buoya, Wash basin, Delivery box
9. M.S and Concrete tank lamination.
10. Traditional Arabic Decorative items
11. Della, Fanjan, Mebhkar, Camel, Elephant, Horse etc.
12. Repair of all items in fibre glass including boats and ships and polythene water Tanks etc.

Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries LLC is well known as GRP Panel Water Tank and GRP Ladder Supplier in UAE.

The prestige product of Al Jawda Fibre Glass Industries LLC is the Model of Mirage – 2000 flight made out of fibre glass. The integral grit finish ensures slip resistance on flooring and safe walking can be made even on wet floor.

Their Unique designs and manufactures an extensive range of GRP/ FRP products that outperform other market options, delivering the best results in every kind of environment.

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