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5 Things to Research Before Designing A Logo - Get Publish
Dec 26, 2020
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5 Things to Research Before Designing A Logo

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Research Before Designing A Logo – In any design area it is essential to do proper research. The same is for logo design. You can be fully aware of the problem if you do research. This will make you plan a solution.

To give your decisions a backup, knowledge will be present in the solution. The project will be successful and the client will quickly agree to it if you do good research for it.

If poor research is done then the client will reject the project as a result of the inability of the designer to identify the issues. The client may require a particular logo and it is not right for you to just make the guesses about it.

Through research you can easily identify the requirement and procedure to design it. Now I will describe about 5 things to research before designing a logo.

1. What is the purpose of a new logo design for the company?

First identify the reason to design it. You can easily find the answer if you get the information that the company is newly opened. A new company always needs a new logo design. However, we will call it a completely different story if the company needs to redesign its identity.

It is possible that the company wants a refresh if it is a young company and used a cheap method to design the previous logo or designed it in-house. If the company is a successful company with a good setup then for any significant change it will redesign the logo.

New ethos, new service or product, new management and new ownership are the various forms of change.

2. What type of work the company performs?

The company may perform several tasks. You need to get information about this. It is possible that it solves certain problems, offers some services or products or may have a history.

Try to identify the values of the company. The client may want the target audience to understand the message that he wants to deliver. He may also want to know what will be the reaction of the customers when they will take interest in the brand? It can have a great impact on the design’s attitude.

3. What is the target audience of the company?

Your business may target a particular type of audience. Get all the information about this so that you can design your identity in order to grab their attention. It is not easy to identify the target audience but some companies can do it. However, some companies that are not so big do not have the exact idea of their target audience.

They usually target everyone. Here it becomes important to know about the ideal customer of the client. You can ask the client about this. Try to get information about the behavior, lifestyle, income level, location, gender and age of the audience.

These all are the audience’s demographics. They may experience several problems and need something for them. Is the company for which you are ready to design their identity, providing the services and products to the audience?

4. What are the long-term goals of the company?

It is necessary that the logo looks perfect for at least 10 years. Because of this it becomes important to know the current position of the company, its ambitions and long-term goals.

For instance, the business can offer one service at a time and other services after some years. Your design needs to incorporate all these. Ask a question that after 10 years what will be the expected position of the company. With this you can get an idea about long-term ambitions and foreseeable plans of the company.

5. Who is the competitor of the company?

Suppose the company has a competitor which offers similar services and products. Then you need to be careful in designing a logo for it. It is because the logo design will be made as per the services and products that the company offers. So, take care before designing the logo.

See if its design includes the items of the client’s company only and not of its competitors.

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